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Fun Events For Baby Boomer Singles in New York City


We all know that meeting new people can be very hard when you are in your 40's, 50's and '60's!

Many people who have tried internet dating have gotten very disappointed! That is why singles parties are the best way to meet someone new face-to-face and have fun doing it!

Walking in alone to a singles party can be hard for most of us, but the thought of being alone the rest of your life can be down right scary! That's why you need to at least try every opportunity to attend a party! Every party will attract new people and you will at least have more of a chance of meeting someone special than sitting home alone!

Here are some easy tips to help you have a good time at a singles party:

•Enter the room with a smile.
•Don't be afraid to flirt.
•Compliment someone.
•Send a drink to someone whom you wish to speak to.
•If you really like someone, tell him or her.
•Make the best of a bad situation. If there is no one you are attracted to in the room, at least have fun talking, socializing or dancing and enjoying having a night out instead of just sitting home alone!
•If someone asks you to dance, say yes (it is only for one dance and will make the other person feel good you said yes. No one enjoys being rejected!
•Don't worry about finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Just have fun at the party meeting new people!

Develop the habit of making friends everywhere you go, regardless of their attractiveness or gender. It's not only good practice, but it also opens up your world to many other possibilities. Be kind to everyone you meet!

The new friend may invite you to a party where you will meet a recently divorced friend of theirs. And say hello to people you might have seen before at other singles events. You will make both of you feel more at ease at the event.

If you do click with a"special someone" at the party, do follow-up with a phone call or an email and even send flowers to let them know you are interested in them and would like to see them again! Not all people are mind-readers, let them know they mean something special to you!


Dress to impress! Look your best! Wear some stylish looking clothes and shoes! You only get one chance to make a good first impression!

1) Remember women always look at your shoes!
Invest in good looking, stylish ones and always make sure they are shined! Get clothes that fit you, suit you and are contemporary.

2) Go to the tailor with that jacket from 20 years ago
to make it fit to your current measurements! A dark blazer with a button-down shirt will always make you look dressed right!

3) Don't ask if the woman was married before. Don't ask why she got divorced. She will tell you at the appropriate time.

4) Even if you are very shy or have two left feet, make
an attempt and ask a woman to dance! It is a great conversation opener, "Hi, would you like to dance?" Women love to dance and dancing is a physical contact sport. It is also romantic and sexy.

1) Make an effort to wear a skirt or a dress instead of
pants! Guys like to see a women's legs!

2) Don't ask if the guy was married before. Don't ask
why he got divorced. Don't probe and ask how 
many kids he has. The guy might think you are
sizing him up for his bank account after he has paid
alimony and child support!

3) If a guy asks you to dance and you are not
interested in him, still say yes! It is only one short
dance and you will boost his confidence. No one
likes to get rejected! He might even turn out to be
a great guy!

1) Why are you still single?
2) How much money do you make?
3) How many children do you have? (The other person
will offer this info at the appropriate time)

1) What part of town do you live?
2) What is your favorite sports team?
3) What are your favorite hobbies?
4) Where is your favorite vacation spot?
5) Would you like to go out on a date?